Mini Oberhasli -Ears are erect and face is straight or dished. Color is chamoisee or black with Chamoisee being thepreferred as of purebred status (F6), chamoisee being light to deep red bay. On chamoisee markingsare black ears, facial stripes, dorsal stripe, belly and udder, a few white hairs throughout the coat arepermitted. In experimentals and Americans there can be no white spot over 2". No white spot of anysize will be allowed for acceptance in purebred registry. Frosted ears and nose will be accepted. Blackdoes and black bucks can have no white hairs on the nose, ears or body for acceptance in the purebredregistry. Blue eyes are allowed.Maximum height preferred guidelines:Experiments (first, second & third generations) are 30" for does and 32" for bucks.Americans (fourth, fifth & sixth generations) are 29" for does and 31" for bucksPurebreds must be 28" for does and 30" for bucks
Nigerian Dwarf Goats
The Nigerian Dwarf is a miniature dairy goat of West African origin. Nigerian Dwarf goats are enjoying a rise in popularity due to their small size, colorful markings and dairy characteristics. Their small stature means they do not require as much space or feed as their larger dairy goat counterparts and their gentle and friendly personalities make them good companion pets. The milk is also higher in butterfat and has a sweeter taste. Nigerians are easy to handle; even for small children. Nigerian Dwarfs are considered rare by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has also approved the Nigerian Dwarf Goat as a livestock dairy goat, which makes them eligible for youth 4H and FFA projects.
The Nigerian Dwarf is a Miniature Dairy Goat
A healthy Nigerian Dwarf doe can produce a surprising amount of sweet milk for her small size - up to two quarts per day or more. In addition, Nigerian Dwarf milk is higher in butterfat (6-10%) and higher in protein than milk from most dairy goat breeds. Many Nigerian Dwarf owners raise their goats for milk production but others raise them for the pleasure and companionship these little caprines bring to their lives.