My husband, Doug, and I (Dotty) started raising goats in 1997.  It started one morning as my husband was reading the ads in the newspaper.  "Look, they have pygmy goats for sale!" he says.  I say, "Let's go look!"  Well, needless to say that started our addiction then.  Weput our children in 4-H and, later, my daughter wins a few awards in her FFA using the goats as her project!
W e bought our first Nigerian Dwarf Goats in 2000! The ease of kidding and the colors has us wanting more!  We switched over to nigerian dwarf goats and met a whole new "family"! 
We can not express enough how much the friendships that we have made through our goats mean to us!  Although we still love our nigerian dwarf goats, we have discovered Miniature Oberhasli!  We have alwasy admired the standard size of this breed so what better fit?   The milk is that much more delicious (with combining the richness of the high butterfat of the Nigerian Dwarf milk with the richness of the milk from the Oberhasli. YUM! 

Our children are grown and moved on now, but we still raise our miniature dairy goats.